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09 Liverpool Champion article - 5000 Signatures in 14 days

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

March 26 2018 - 6:43PM

EDMONDSON PARK STATION PARKING CRISIS | 5000 signatures in 14 days

Madelaine Wong


Michael Andjelkovic: "My next step is to get support from the local councils. I’ll be asking the mayors for a letter of support." | Picture: Chris Lane

Prestons resident Michael Andjelkovic began his campaign against the Edmondson Park and Leppington train station parking shortage 14 days ago after generating an online petition in an attempt to gain community support.

Morning after morning he stood outside alternating train stations at peak hour and campaigned for two hours by handing out flyers and speaking to concerned commuters.

His persistence paid off. In just two weeks Mr Andjelkovic accomplished his goal of 5000 signatures.

Although happy with the result he said it wasn’t long till he realised it wasn’t just a problem concerning the Liverpool area.

With commuters unable to find parking spots at Leppington or Edmonson Park, many park at other stations, such as Campbelltown, causing parking shortages at other stations.

“I handed out flyers for 10 days from Monday to Friday. And then I went online and approached a number of the local community groups through social media and spread word that way. It just took off!

“The petition gained 2500 signatures in the first three days and the second week was slower but we got there. In fact, I didn’t expect to hit the mark in that time - I thought it would take at least six to eight weeks. Yet, we did it in 14 days as of Sunday, 12.18pm. At first I approached this from a Liverpool perspective but the problem is bigger than that. It affects Campbelltown, Camden, and Penrith council areas.”

He’s ready to go further.

“My next step is to get support from the local councils. I’ll be asking the mayors for a letter of support. After I approach the councils I want to gain support from the local state MPs because it’s not a council problem. It’s a state government responsibility so I’ll be speaking to the MP for Holsworthy, Mulgoa and so forth.

“I’m hoping to gain the Government’s attention by getting personal stories. Some women approached me concerned about walking back to their cars when they’re parked so far from the station, outside in the dark. There’s a problem about parking fines but there’s a security problem, too.

“To make matters worse, at Edmondson Park a road is about to be closed near the station where many people park, from April 16 till September.”

He said the ultimate objective is to the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure’s support.

“We need a letter of commitment from Andrew Constance. We need a multi-level car built at these train stations and I’ll also be asking for the same letter from the opposition. I think it will be possible, because this is a people power petition. It’s not based on political motives.”

Since publishing a story about the petition on March 12, a solution focused company called Liftango approached the Champion.

We spoke to chief executive and co-founder Kevin Orr who said there were other options available for commuters, such as their mobile app, which offers a carpooling service and on-demand bus service.

“We’ve got two share mobility products. One is carpooling – we don’t charge users, it’s completely free and we have rewards like Woolworths gift vouchers and a guaranteed car park system. We work with hospitals, corporates, businesses and help with car congestion and parking shortages. We provide guaranteed car parking to drivers who carpool and you can track the driver,” Mr Orr said.

“We work with hospitals and universities and speak to organisations who arrange car spots. We have on-demand bus technology for public and private. We’re trying to get people to the station without using cars.

“It’s reduced the impact on suburbs and residents nearby because you’re fitting more people into parking space. We’ve spoken to councils and Sydney Trains about it but we can’t talk about that yet.”

Mr Andjelkovic said he believes those options won’t address the shortage of car spots.

“I spoke to an on-demand bus driver at a park one day but they only did a limited area. If you’re going to be reserving spots for those who carpool, that still means other residents are going to miss out. It’s not addressing the problem of inadequate parking.”

You can find Michael Andjelkovic Independent Community Campaigner on Facebook www.facebook.com/Liverpool.Independent

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