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10 Residents fed up with parking crisis call for multistorey carparks

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Residents fed up with parking crisis call for multistorey carparks

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March 27, 2018 3:17pm

A petition for multistorey carparks at Edmondson Park and Leppington railway stations has amassed more than 5000 signatures in a fortnight.

It is the latest push for more commuter parking at the two stations following years of frustration.

In 2016, the Leader reported drivers were parking on pavements, nature strips and in no stopping zones due to a shortage of parking spaces.

Prestons resident Michael Andjelkovic, who started the petition on Change.org, believes residents’ pleas cannot be ignored this time around with people power driving the push for better infrastructure.

The carparks at the two stations are often full by 8am.

“It’s the people that are speaking out. So, I mean, 5000 signatures in less than two weeks has to send a message to the politicians that something needs to be done,” Mr Andjelkovic said.

An occasional commuter, the 57-year-old started the petition because “nothing seemed to be getting done”.

The scale of the problem was “bigger than Liverpool”, though, he said, with residents in Campbelltown and Camden also affected by the lack of commuter parking.

Mr Andjelkovic said it didn’t make sense to have 400 parking spaces at Edmondson Park railway station with more than 10,000 dwellings planned for the area.

“The development’s only 50 per cent done in the area. If it’s not coping now, how is it going to cope when it’s completed?”

Parking on the street is also limited.

Mr Andjelkovic is calling on Transport Minister Andrew Constance to commit to multistorey carparks at the two stations as soon as possible.

Jane Doria, 47, of Rossmore, drives to Leppington station every day to catch the train to Parramatta, where she works.

Since the train timetable changes in November, she has found it more difficult than ever to find parking before 8am, with more commuters taking the train from Leppington.

Earlier this month, Ms Doria found her only option was to park in a non-designated spot in order to get to work.

Many people resort to parking in non-designated areas.

“I only did that out of desperation and I made sure it was safe,” Ms Doria said.

“Hand on my heart, it’s the first time I’ve parked in a non-designated area because I was that desperate.”

She received a fine in the mail 10 days later, and copped another in the days following, racking up a bill of $300.

“Because I hadn’t received the first fine I didn’t realise they were fining people,” Ms Doria said.

“I assumed they were turning a blind eye for the time being until it was sorted out.”

She said it was “an appalling oversight” by planners not to have a multistorey carpark at the busy station.

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