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Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Thank you to everyone who signed the Online Petition and left a comment it certainly helped. These are just a few.

Carol O'Donnell Nov 13, 2018

Thank you Michael for all your hard work gathering signatures for more car parking at railway stations in South West Sydney. We the residents can see that there is not enough parking so why does the Government waste tax payers money engaging Consultants, if Politicians asked us what is needed in our suburbs we can inform them at no cost, therefore saving hundreds of Thousands of Dollars.

Surinder Singh Oct 8, 2018

Michael, Thanks for doing this for the community. No one is doing anything to help the community. I am not sure if Melanie ever visited this place. Please do something to provide more space for the commuters.

Mike Alaaeddin Sep 20, 2018

Well done Michael and keep up with the good works.

Katerina Tsima Sep 20, 2018

A big thank you to you Michael. We have been struggling with the parking issue for years and years now. At the beginning we were driving at Glenfield station to catch the train, no parking of course after 7.15am. When Leppington and Edmondson Park stations opened I had my hopes that things will improve. Nope. Do these people have an idea of how much it costs to go to work on train plus the cost of the bus on demand? We don't want any more Band-Aid solutions. We want parking facilities and reliable trains.

Katerina Tsima Jun 1, 2018

Thank you so much for your time and effort. Thank you. It is greatly appreciated.

Robin Milward May 24, 2018

7.15am Monday at Edmondson Park Station, and not parking spot in sight. I had to park a considerable distance from the station and although my parking spot was legal, and the car was completely off the road, I had to walk back along the road to get to the station. Along Croatia Ave there is no where to walk off the road until you reach Soldier's Parade. With the number of cars travelling at that time in both directions, it is only a matter of time before a pedestrian is hit. Furthermore, when returning to the car at night there is no lighting. Dangerous on a number of levels.

Robert Monis May 20, 2018

Thank you Michael for all your efforts for the multistory car park at Edmondson train station. Please look into public transport provision towards Ardennes Avenue and the train station.

Snehal Bhawkar May 19, 2018

Thank you Michael for all your effort.

In my opinion, both Ed Park & Leppington stations need a multi-storey car park to accomodate at least 3000 cars initially and a provision to accomodate another couple of thousand cars in the future. Additionally, public transport to the stations need to be frequent during peak hours to reduce traffic congestion and keep the environment clean.

Thank you.

Surinder Singh May 19, 2018

Thanks Michael for doing this. You are a great community worker. We wish God bless you all the success in life.

Víctor Castro May 14, 2018

Please address the issue before a tragedy occurs, it is getting quite frustrating finding parking and dangerous as well for commuters, specially at night. Don’t wait for something bad to happen, ACT NOW!!!!

Prasada Indukuri May 10, 2018

Please address the parking issues at Leppington Public School and the Train Station at the earliest. Don't wait for a tragedy.

Jon Ray May 9, 2018

I work in the inner city and have different start and finish times. I usually don’t get back until late. Having to park over 1-2km away from the station on an unlit road. I’m at risk of being hit by a driver or having my property vandalized on nights I have to work late. Something has to be done! There are absolutely not enough spaces at Leppington Station. If you added even 300-500 more spaces they would be filled, but they would at least ease the parking congestion I see on a daily basis.

Lina Aloi May 8, 2018

Seriously, the parking at Leppington station is ridiculous. Am concerned that people have to park so far away that they may be vulnerable when returning to their car after dark. Definitely a risk.


Not sure why we need to comment on the obvious !!! Horrible parking issues. Horrendous planning and design of the traffic flow resulting in People disregarding traffic rules. No question about the effect on our daily lives and the economy. Its a no brainer !

Que Nhi Mak May 7, 2018

The parking in and around these new starion is non existent. More estates are being developed in the area and we are encouraged to use public transport but have no where to park.

Joanne Rendeiro May 7, 2018

A big thank you for being our voice. the parking at Leppington is a joke and as usual there was no forward thinking by the NSW Government. My 18yo daughter has been having to park in one of the side streets and it is a concern that walking up this street toward the station is an accident waiting to happen, due to there not being a footpath for the many people who have to park there, it is also quite dark and unsafe on the return trip. I can also imagine how frustrating it must be for the local residents having so many cars out front of their usually peaceful properties.

Jacqueline Barreto May 6, 2018

I can't believe how quickly the parking spaces at Leppington Station filled up. I started going to this station when it first opened, where I was parking across from the entrance of the station. I now have to rush my kids to daycare to ensure I get a designated parking spot to avoid having to park on the street. I actually found it quite ridiculous to have such limited parking to cater for all the estates surrounding including the ones that are new and still yet to complete development. I find it unbelievable that they actually thought the amount of spaces would be sufficient enough. How can people who do not develop see that it won't work out yet the people who are meant to control this can't even see it? Shame on you for absolutely poor planning. I have also driven to Edmondson Park station thinking it might be better only to find out that it's 100 times worse. What a joke. I'm sick of rushing my kids to get ready in the morning in the hopes of getting to the station on time to get parking. This needs to be fixed. It's a joke that we have to petition for something that should have been done during development. Now the public will have to put up with disruptions and most likely more fines when/if it finally gets done. It needs to be done now before more people start using this station.

Aaron Petersen May 2, 2018

Thanks for the continued rallying and support for the local community Michael. I and many other community members appreciate your hard work and dedication.

Margaret Pisani Apr 7, 2018

It's not just extra parking we need. We need the rail line extension to be fast tracked so that residents of Oran Park, Narellan, Bringelly etc get their own much needed train stations and carparks. This will in turn reduce traffic on roads in the area.

Phillip Tovey Mar 28, 2018

I wish you well with getting the MP for Holsworthy to do anything. She wouldn't lift a finger when the Logos group made our suburb an eyesore. But if you do get anything out of her it will be something along the lines of bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, not my fault its not in my electorate you should approach the council.

Katerina Tsima Mar 28, 2018

Thank you for initiating this petition, your time and effort.

Vivienne Fayers Mar 22, 2018

I have a disabled husband there is never any parking spots left. If we leave early the trains are always too full difficult to get him on and off the train, too many people...and then no parking ...cars are parked a long way from the station, how can I get him to the station in the wheelchair, there are no pathways only grass stick stones and at times mud...not happy

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