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16 Petition Update - A Temporary Solution for Leppington IGNORED

Updated: Jul 7, 2021


May 8, 2018 — Good Morning Fellow Residents, Commuters and Supporters

1) Temporary Solution for Leppington Station After some investigation I have confirmed that 200 and 208 Rickard Road were Transferred by Transport for NSW on 09/01/2018 to the Minister Administering the Environmental Planning and Assessment act 1979. There is 6.38 hectares of land and 5900 sq metres of Land respectively. You can view more information on my facebook page www.facebook.com/Michael.Independent/

The simple and quick solution to ease the Car Parking Crisis at Leppington is to create a Temporary Carpark on the Government owned land which is currently sitting empty and unused with grass growing on it - Until the Multi Story Car Park is built at Leppington Station.

I have had NO response from Camden Council regarding this or other emails I have sent them. Perhaps you as Residents would like to maybe you will have better luck. A list of email addresses is at the end of this update.

I have emailed this to Andrew Constance, Transport for NSW, Luke Foley Opposition Leader, Jodi McKay Shadow Minister for Transport, Chris Patterson MP for Camden and the Mayor and ALL Councillors at Camden Council.

2) Leppington Primary School Petition I have set up a Mini petition for Leppington Primary School as the Car parking issue impacts on the School Children. It is to bring light to the issue and gain a Letter of Support from the Minister for Education.

I have emailed this to Rob Stokes, Minister for Education, Jihad Dib Shadow Minister for Education, Chris Patterson MP for Camden and the Mayor and ALL Councillors at Camden Council.

If you would like to add your voice please sign and Share using this link https://www.change.org/p/rob-stokes-mp-nsw-minister-for-education-protect-the-children-at-leppington-primary-school

3) Letters of Support No Letters of Support received from Camden Council or MP for Camden with regard to the Car parking Crisis at Leppington Station.

Email Addresses

Member for Camden - Mr Chris Patterson


Camden Council mail@camden.nsw.gov.au

Camden Mayor Lara Symkowiak larasym@gmail.com

Cr Cindy Cagney cr.ccagney@camden.nsw.gov.au

Cr Michael Morrison cr.morrison@camden.nsw.gov.au

Cr Rob Mills cr.mills@camden.nsw.gov.au

Cr Ashley Cagney cr.acagney@camden.nsw.gov.au

Cr Theresa Fedeli cr.fedeli@camden.nsw.gov.au

Cr Eva Campbell cr.campbell@camden.nsw.gov.au

Cr Paul Farrow cr.farrow@camden.nsw.gov.au

Cr Peter Sidgreaves psidgreaves@gmail.com

Please Send them an email commenting of the Car Parking Crisis at Leppington Station, The Traffic issues at Leppington Primary School and asking for a Letter of Support to be issued for The Multi Story Car Parking Petition.

I finally received confirmation of an Appointment with Andrew Constance - Minister for Transport where I will present the Petition and associated Information at 4 pm on 22 May 2018 at his Parliament House office.

So I am on a deadline to get all the last bits of Information to put into the Petition Presentation.

Remember Your Comments Count - add your voice to the Petition by writing a comment on the Petition.

More Updates to Come

Yours Sincerely

Michael Andjelkovic JP

Community Campaigner for Greater Liverpool

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