• Michael Andjelkovic

2 McDonalds Campaign May 2014

One of the initial Community Campaigns that Michael Andjelkovic spearheaded was regarding the application by McDonalds to change its hours of operation to 24/7 in a Residential zone

From The Liverpool Leader 14/05/14


Michael Andjelkovic is worried about the fact that McDonald’s wants to change the hours of operation again.

Prestons residents living next to McDonald’s only get about four hours of peace and quiet a night.

But they face losing ­another hour of sleep after the fast-food chain applied to extend its opening hours to 5am.

Michael Andjelkovic lives next door to the restaurant and is one of about 15 residents who have lodged ­objections to the proposal with Liverpool Council.

McDonald’s at Prestons has applied to extend trading hours to 5am. “Residents have rights, too,” Mr Andjelkovic said.“We are entitled to peace and quiet for a few hours a night.”

A McDonald’s representative said the restaurant was next to a 24-hour petrol station and that substantial acoustic measures already existed on the site.

“Customers from this restaurant tell us that they would like us to open earlier so they can get a coffee or something to eat before they hit the road,” the representative said.

Deliveries and waste collection would only happen after 6am, the representative said.

In 2010, Prestons McDonald’s applied to open 24 hours and after being ­refused, they unsuccessfully applied in 2011 to open at 5am.

Mayor Ned Mannoun said he had voted against the previous application. “I can empathise with the residents on this,” he said. “Why does it keep coming back?”

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