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20 South West Voice - Man behind petition wants commuter carparking crisis fixed asap

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Man behind petition wants commuter carparking crisis fixed asap

Eric Kontos on Monday, 14 May, 2018 in News

Something’s got to be done: Mr Andjelkovic with parents and students at Leppington Primary School which he says is now being affected by the carparking shortage at the railway station.

At 4pm on Tuesday, May 22, local resident Michael Andjelkovic will walk into the office of the NSW minister for transport Andrew Constance determined to help solve the carparking crisis at Edmondson Park and Leppington stations once and for all.

Mr Andjelkovic will have with him the community petition he started on March 12 this year, and which has been signed by almost 6,000 locals frustrated at the lack of action.

The semi retired Prestons resident who has fond memories of growing up in his grandfather 25 acre Leppington farm says he got involved because he’d like to see the problem fixed once and for all.

“I want the political blame game to stop and instead get the parking that’s needed for local commuters at both Leppington and Edmondson Park,’’ he says.

Mr Andjelkovic said there are currently 400 legal parking spaces at the Edmondson Park station.

“But 1,500 will be needed to solve this problem,’’ he says.

He’s not taking all the credit but Mr Andjelkovic feels his petition and activism on the commuter carparking issue played a role in encouraging both political parties to get interested.

Labor leader Luke Foley recently promised almost $20 million for extra carparking and premier Gladys Berejiklian was in Casula last week spruiking the line her government “would investigate opportunities to increase commuter parking’’.

Mr Andjelkovic, who admits he is interested in politics and stood for Liverpool Council at the last local government elections in 2016, says helping to fix the problem is his focus.

He says that it’s more than just a carparking shortage crisis – it’s now also a road safety issue for Leppington Primary School.

“Leppington commuters are forced to park their cars all the way from the station along both sides of Rickard Road to down past the school,’’ says Mr Andjelkovic.

“I was out at this afternoon with the parents and children who are affected by the car parking crisis because now safety at pick up and drop off times is being affected,’’ he told the Voice on Friday.

At Edmondson Park, with some commuters having to park all the way to Campbelltown Road, walking to their cars at night has also become a personal security issue, especially for women.

“Something’s got to be done and I hope I can convince the minister to provide a permanent solution,’’ Mr Andjelkovic said.

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