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23 Meeting with the Minister

May 24, 2018 — Good Afternoon Fellow Residents, Commuters and Supporters

I just wanted to update you on the meeting I had with Minister Andrew Constance on Tuesday Afternoon the 22nd May 2018.

Present were Mr Constance and his Assistant, Ms Melanie Gibbons MP Member for Holsworthy, Mr Chris Patterson MP Member for Camden and 2 Transport for NSW Representatives.

If I had know that the Liberal MP's were going to be there I would have invited the Labor MPs Mr Lynch MP Member for Liverpool and Mr Chanthivong MP Member for Macquarie fileds to attend also, to balance things up but I wasn't in charge of the invitations (and I am privileged to have been the Voice of Our Community and that I was able to be heard by the Minister on Your Behalf.

I was thanked for starting the petition and providing information for the Liberal MP's to use to strengthen their argument for more funds to resolve the parking Crisis issue and to be fair I have sent the same information to the Labor MP's also.

UNFORTUNATELY NO FIRM COMMITMENT was made by the Minister to build Multi Level Carparks issue other than the following:-

1) A check is to be made of the 5700+ electronic Petition Signatures to see that they (YOU) are real and what areas they (You) came from. IE I guess the Government needs to confirm that I didn't put together a dodgy Petition and that YOU aren't Russian Hackers or robots.

2) A Survey using information from the registration plates of Vehicles parked at the Stations is to be undertaken to confirm what areas the people parking are coming from.

3) A Discussion with Landcom and Transport for NSW to see if there is any Land that could be used for parking at Edmondson Park (IF Not the the Privately Owned land I suggested is to be Considered).

4) A review of the Land Owned by State Government to see to if it can be turned into additional parking at Leppington.

5) A review of the Budget to see if there are Funds available for Multi Level Car Parks to be built.

6) That Melanie Gibbons would be looking into Edmondson Park and the Greg Patterson would be looking after Leppington Station issues.

7) There wasn't a time frame mentioned but since I am heading to Europe for an extended holiday and it will be 90 days before I return to Australia on the 22nd August 2018, I am hopeful that all these investigations should be able to be carried out well and truly before I return from my Holiday.


A) Paul Lynch MP asked a question of The Minister regarding the Car Parking Issue in Parliament the Answer is Due on the 27th June 2018.

B) Anoulack Chanthivong MP lodged more than 500 signed petition forms calling on the NSW Liberal Government to fund a multi-storey commuter car park at Edmondson Park train station in the 2018-19 Budget.

C) The Concrete Barriers at Ed Park Station were removed from the back of the Station - A BIG Thank You to Surinder Singh who was instrumental in making this happen with his persistent lobbying to Liverpool Council (so much that they have told him not to email anymore). Another Update on this to come. PLEASE IF YOU CAN ANGLE PARK IN THIS AREA IT WILL ALLOW MORE CARS TO USE THIS SPACE.

D) I have applied to Address the Liverpool Council Meeting on the 30th May 2018 - Following the Ed Park community forum held earlier this month Council staff have now presented a report which deals with the feedback given at the community forum and a means to fund the public parks and facilities you've asked for plus Car Parking Issues . Item Com 4 Page 74


This report will be debated and voted on at next Wednesday's Council meeting. Well done on getting to this point, but we do a need a majority of Councillors to vote YES for this to be approved.

FINALLY - The Campaign for More Parking will Continue UNTIL a firm Commitment is obtained from Both Major Parties to Provide Multi Level Car Parking at the Stations.

More Updates to come with a few activities for you to engage in while I am away overseas to maintain the momentum of the Car parking Issue alive.


Yours Sincerely

Michael Andjelkovic JP Community Campaigner for Greater Liverpool

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