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26 Liverpool Council Meeting Presentation 30th May 2018

May 31, 2018 — Good Morning Fellow Residents, Commuters and Supporters

Below is the email sent to Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller and CEO Ms Fishburn which summarises my Presentation to Liverpool Council on Wednesday 30th May 2018.

Good Morning Mayor Waller and Ms Fishburn

Thank you for the opportunity to address the Liverpool City Council Meeting on the 30th May 2018 with regard to ITEM COM 4 (See Link http://liverpool.infocouncil.biz/Open/2018/05/CO_20180530_AGN_336_AT.htm#PDF3_Attachment_4701_1 ) on the Agenda regarding Council providing Edmondson Park with more Community Facilities and Infrastructure and to provide an update on my meeting with the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure regarding the Car Parking Crisis Petition.

After being interrupted by Councillor Hadchiti with a point of order in respect of my attempt to add a little humour into my presentation I lost my train of thought and therefore missed out on addressing a couple of points that I wanted to cover during the meeting.

So to reiterate some of my points from last night and to add a few that I missed I am sending you this email.

Firstly, I wanted to THANK Liverpool Council CEO and Staff for putting together the report on Edmondson Park and the recommendations in the COM 4 report.

I also wanted to Thank Cllr Hagerty for passing on the Concerns of Edmondson Park Residents to the relevant Council Departments.

And I wanted to THANK the CEO for organising the Community Forum for Edmondson Park Residents and listening to their concerns.

I am pleased to have be able to assist in promoting details of the Community Forum to residents and that it was quite well attended compared to the other forums that I have attended in other areas.


I left the meeting with the Minister Andrew Constance on the 22nd May 2018 with the understanding that the Transport for NSW representatives would be looking into the following items

1) Confirmation of the Petition Signatures to see what areas people came from and confirm that they were genuine people.

2) A Survey using the registration plates of Vehicles parked at the Stations would be undertaken to confirm what areas the people parking are coming from.

3) A Discussion with Landcom to see if there is any Land that could be used for parking at Edmondson Park and IF NOT then the private land owners I identified would be approached.

4) A review of the Land Owned by State Government at Leppington to see if it can be turned into additional parking.

5) A review of the Budget to see if there are Funds available for Multi Level Car Parks to be built at the Stations.

6) That Melanie Gibbons MP would be looking after Edmondson Park and the Greg Patterson MP would be looking after Leppington Station issues.

7) While there was no time frame discussed it works out that since I am heading to Europe for an extended holiday it will be 90 days before I return to Australia on the 22nd August 2018 and I am hopeful that all these investigations should be able to be carried out well and truly before I return from my Holiday.

8) I have included a copy of letters sent to the Minister with my Suggestions to resolve the parking issues with details of the properties that I have identified and spoke to the owners with regarding potential leases.


9) Regarding Edmondson Park I wanted to ask if lines could be painted for angle parking where the concrete barriers were removed at the Station.

10) I also wanted to ask about more angle parking along Benera Road down from the station where the road is wide enough.

11) I wanted to THANK all the Members of Parliament who have helped bring Attention to the Car Parking Crisis Issue. Anoulack Chanthivong Member for Macquarie Fields, Paul Lynch Member for Liverpool, Anne Stanley Federal Member for Werriwa and Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller.

12) I wanted to THANK Melanie Gibbons MP and Chris Patterson MP who organised and attended the meeting with the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance MP.

13) I wanted ACKNOWLEDGE Luke Foley - Leader of the Opposition for making a commitment to provide $18 Million towards the construction of a Multi Level Car Park at Edmondson Park IF Labor win the next State Election

14) I wanted to ACKNOWLEDGE that the Premier Gladys Berejiklian made a quick visit to Casula Mall for a Whistle Stop Tour / Photo opportunity and alluded to the media that funds MAY become available after the State Budget.

15) I would also like to THANK the journalists who have followed and covered the Car Parking Crisis so far Madeleine Wong from The Liverpool Champion, Cindy NGO from The Liverpool Leader and Eric Kontos from the South West Voice.

16) AND Finally a SPECIAL THANK YOU to Surinder Singh with his never surrender attitude who was part of the initial inspiration for me to start this petition. He has been instrumental in getting the concrete barriers removed and is going to court to challenge his parking fine.

I would encourage you to Please continue to write to the Minister and Transport for NSW on behalf of the Liverpool Community - I am yet to receive any written replies to correspondence sent to them regarding the Car Parking Crisis. I will certainly continue to campaign for #MoreParkingNow using the Petition that I started.

Again THANK YOU for your prompt actions to assist the Edmondson Park residents and assist in creating a Suburb that will form part of our Greater Liverpool Community that we can all be proud of.

Petition Update Link


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