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30 Edmondson Park Station Car Parking Crisis VIDEO 2 of 5

8th June 2018 Video 2 of 5 Edmondson Park Station Video Interviews

VIDEO 2 OF 5 This Video Focuses on the Issues and Problems around Edmondson Park Station. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO WATCH IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH. TO ALL SUPPORTERS WHO SIGNED THE CAR PARKING CRISIS PETITION PLEASE - SHARE SHARE SHARE - Lets get this information out there. This Video shows the extent of the Commuter Car Parking Crisis and lack of parking at both Edmondson Park railway station. There are 5 Parts in this Video Series. 1) The Introduction, 2)Edmondson Park Station, 3) Leppington Primary School, 4) Leppington Station and 5) The - Concluding Address. ALL 5 Parts have also been made into one 10 minute video. THIS Video has been produced to Support the Car Parking Crisis PETITION that demonstrates the "WILL" of the commuters of South Western Sydney AND Call's on Andrew Constance MP as Minister for Transport and Infrastructure to provide Multi Level Car Parks at Edmondson Park and Leppington Train Stations to accommodate the current demand for parking and provide for future demand as the area continues to Grow. Commuters are being forced to take desperate measures to get a car parking space at the stations including having to arrive extra early or park some distance away. This Video shows the extent of the Commuter Car Parking Crisis and lack of parking at Edmondson Park and Leppington railway stations. THE PRIMARY OBJECTIVE OF THE PETITION IS TO OBTAIN A COMMITMENT FROM BOTH THE LABOR AND LIBERAL PARTIES TO BUILD MULTI LEVEL CAR PARKS AT EDMONDSON PARK AND LEPPINGTON STATIONS BEFORE THE NEXT STATE ELECTION IN MARCH 2019. #MoreParkingNow Petition Link www.tinyurl.com/MoreParkingNow


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