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38 Transport for NSW and LCC replies

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Jun 16, 2018 — Good morning Fellow Residents, Commuters and Supporters

Greetings from Madrid in Spain where the #MoreParkingNow Campaign Continues.


Dear Mr Andjelkovic Thank you for your letters dated 6th and 7th May 2018 regarding car parking at Edmondson Park and Leppington. Below I have addressed the comments and questions you raised.

Transport for NSW is committed to improving access to the rail network, and is currently providing over 7,000 new car spaces across the Sydney metropolitan area. This is in addition to the 6,000 new commuter car parking spaces provided since 2011, including the upgrades at Holsworthy, Liverpool and Macarthur.

The exhibited Environmental Impact Assessment for the South West Rail Link included (subject to design) reference to the provision of approximately 1,250 car spaces between Edmondson Park and Leppington stations. Design and construction resulted in 400 dedicated off-street commuter car spaces being built at Edmondson Park Station and 805 spaces being built at Leppington Station. Additional commuter car parking was provided in the new multi-storey and at-grade car parks at Glenfield.

I note your suggestion for the use of 200 and 208 Rickard Rd Leppington as a possible site for future car parking. This land has now been transferred back to the Minister Administering the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, as was a requirement as part of the approval to use the land for construction of the South West Rail Link. Transport for NSW is continuing its investigation of options to improve access to Edmondson Park and Leppington stations, and will consider these sites as part of that investigation.

Transport for NSW has also begun trialing on-demand bus services to improve access to railway stations. An on-demand public transport trial is currently underway in Edmondson Park, providing another way for customers to conveniently access rail services.

The results of this trial is being used together with the results of the recent surveys undertaken of where customers are coming from by car to access Edmondson Park and Leppington stations, to determine what changes could be made to improve access to these two stations. This may include an expansion of the on-demand trial to serve the wider catchment of Edmondson Park Station.

I hope this has been of assistance.

Yours sincerely Tim Raimond Executive Director Transport Planning


Dear Mr Andjelkovic

Re: Edmondson Park Station Commuter Parking

I write in response to your emails of 5 and 14 May 2018, regarding infringement notices issued for illegal parking and the need for additional commuter car parking at Edmondson Park Station, which have been forwarded to me by the Mayor, Wendy Waller, to provide you with a response.

Council notes the concerns raised and provides the following responses:

Commuter Parking

Council notes and appreciates your on-going representations on the behalf of the community, including a meeting with the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, the Hon. Andrew Constance, for additional parking at the station. Council also notes that you have contacted a number of landowners for possible lease of their properties to be used for interim parking.

As advised in previous correspondence on the issue, Council has been investigating arrangements to permit additional parking close to the station. I am pleased to advise that, in consultation with Sydney Trains, Council has relocated concrete barriers on the western and eastern side of the bridge across the railway line to permit approximately 50 additional parking spaces. (NOTE: This was due to the efforts of Surinder Singh).

In addition, Council will be line marking a section of Soldiers Parade to accommodate angled parking next month. Furthermore, as an interim arrangement, will be requesting Endeavour Energy to improve street lighting along the existing sections of Croatia Avenue which is now attracting on-street parking. These road sections will be reconstructed by private developers as part of subdivision works. Council will continue to make representations to Transport for NSW and the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure for additional parking at the station.

Infringement Notice In regards to the infringement notice received by Miss A M, please note the car park area and the taxi zone is owned by State Rail Authority. As such, Council does not enforce the area. Enforcement in these areas is carried out by the Police and Transit Officers. It is suggested that the issuing authority be approached regarding the review of the infringement.

 Parking in Road Reserve Area

Council Officers patrol local roads in response to parking complaints. Under the NSW Road Rules, motorists may park within the road reserve area in the absence of kerb and gutter. However, the driver must position the vehicle so as to not hinder driveway accessibility or cause danger to pedestrians and other non- vehicle users of the road.

Yours sincerely Tim Moore Deputy CEO/Director City Economy & Growth


FULL Car Parking Crisis at Edmondson Park & Leppington Video Clip (10.00 mins). PLEASE watch it ALL the way through and then SHARE, SHARE and SHARE it to friends, family and on Social Media.

Your can Use this Link https://www.facebook.com/Michael.Independent/videos/1137441009727643/

Introduction starts from 00.00 Edmondson Park Issues and Interviews start from 01:17 mark Leppington Primary School Interviews start from 04:00 mark Leppington Station Issues and Interviews start from 05.05 mark Closing Address starts from 06.50 mark


Yours sincerely

Michael Andjelkovic JP Community Campaigner for Greater Liverpool

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