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37 A Salute to Surinder Singh

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

12 June 2018 ·

A Salute to Surinder Singh.

Surinder is a kind man who is passionate about making a difference in the Community.

He is going to Court to dispute his fine and has been working behind the scenes to lobby both Council and local MP'S.

It was because of Surinder's representation to Liverpool Council where he had a council officer meet him on site at Edmondson Park station that the concrete barriers were removed and an additional 30+ car spaces were created.

HE LOBBIED SO HARD he was told.....

"You might note that I have searched Council records today relating to traffic matters and this search has revealed that you have sent 12 emails to Council staff and the Mayor’s office concerning parking issues at Edmondson Park station since the beginning of this year. While your concerns about parking issues is understandable, the resolution of this problem is really a matter for Transport for NSW. I am also of the view that any further representations by you regarding parking issues should be made directly to Transport for NSW and not to Council."

"Please note that any further representations that you make to Council or to the Office of the Mayor relating to parking issues at Edmondson Park station may simply be received and noted in accordance with clause 4.8.3 of Council’s Customer Service and Communication Policy."

Surinder's "Never Surrender" attitude should be an inspiration to us all. It is to me.

Surinder is still offering to assist people who have received a fine and has information regarding that together with a PDF document of All media articles regarding the Car Parking Crisis to date.

I wish Surinder Singh all the best for his upcoming Court appearance on June 18th.

Surinder Singh Jun 18, 2018

Hi All, I went to court today to defend my parking fine for "Stop on path/strip in built-up area". The fine of total $257 has been cancelled by the Hon Judge. If anyone got fined for parking on grass please go to court and use my case as example. I can provide you all the documents and letter. Please defend the fine in court. Good outcome for all commuters. Thanks to Michael.

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