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49 Land around Western Sydney Airport to be rezoned by 2019

21st August 2018

Areas for employment and residential development to the immediate north and south of the Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek will start to be rezoned as early as next year.

The Department of Planning and Environment on Tuesday released an initial land-use plan for the so-called Western Sydney Aerotropolis, a region earmarked to take advantage of economic activity stimulated by the airport.

An artist’s impression of residential neighbourhoods for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

The plan breaks the land around the 1780-hectare Western Sydney Airport site into nine precincts. It selects two of those precincts – “Aerotropolis Core” and “Northern Gateway” for immediate planning, with rezoning to be completed by the end of 2019. The development of other areas around the airport is to be staged.

Work on a third precinct, “South Creek”, which cuts through the area and is intended to be a green spine “providing open space, amenity, biodiversity and wellbeing values” is also intended to start soon.

The new airport in western Sydney, which will be accompanied by a rail line and a "purpose-built" city, is due to be completed in 2026.

The Aerotropolis Core section includes a large plot owned by the federal government.

The Aerotropolis Core and Northern Gateway sections are to be targeted for employment land, but will also be able to include some residential development.

The two areas are on the proposed route of a mooted north-south rail link to be built through the area.

David Borger, the Western Sydney director of the Sydney Business Chamber, welcomed the plan for providing certainty to the area.

“Within 13 months we are going to have land rezoned that can actually accommodate employment uses,” Mr Borger said.

The development of the land is to be led by a statutory authority, which is yet to be created, as well as the Sydney Metro Authority, recently created to drive development near rail infrastructure.

The proposed authority is to be given powers to consolidate land, develop government-owned land and plan for infrastructure and open space.

“It’s great to see the authority is going to be given broad powers, but we need to get a wriggle on to make sure the development authority is operating soon,” Mr Borgert said.

The airport itself is being built be Western Sydney Airport Co, a federal government-owned corporation. By the middle of next year, WSA Co expects to award a contract to clear and level the airport site. The airport is scheduled to be operational by 2026.

In a release, the Department of Planning and Environment’s Executive Director for Western Sydney and Aerotropolis Activation, Brett Whitworth, said: “The new airport and the surrounding Aerotropolis will be a game-changer for NSW with the potential to provide up to 60,000 homes and contribute to 200,000 new jobs in Western Sydney.”

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