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51 LCC August 2018 meeting report - Campaign on Target

Sep 2, 2018 — 

Good Evening Fellow Residents, Commuters and Petition Supporters

Greetings from Prestons, Liverpool NSW Australia, it's so great to be back Home after my 3 month European Adventure.

Spain was an interesting experience for 4 weeks in June and let me say that the transport networks in Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid put Sydney to shame  (but I digress).

Now that I am back home it’s time to get the Car Parking Crisis Campaign back on track and to that end I requested and was permitted to address the Liverpool Council Monthly Meeting on Wednesday night the 29th August 2018 in order to Thank the Mayor, CEO and Staff on the angle parking provided at Ed Park Station while I was away and also to provide Councillors with an updated report on the Car Parking Crisis Campaign together with feedback that I received from residents and other sources during my time away in Europe from the 2nd June until the 22nd of August 2018.

Here is a report on what Occurred at the Liverpool Council Meeting based on my recollection of Events – The whole meeting was recorded and I am sure a transcript of the conversations could be created from the recordings to confirm the accuracy of my report if necessary.

The night started OFF badly due to TRAFFIC CHAOS in the Liverpool area on Wednesday 29th August – A truck accident on Hoxton Park Road at Miller and another on the M5 near Casula meant that both Hoxton Park Road and the Hume Hwy were both Bumper to Bumper heading into Liverpool CBD and as a result I was few minutes LATE to the Council Meeting travelling from Prestons and missed my allocated spot at the Start of the Council Meeting.

Still, I wanted to stay and hear what was happening at the meeting and it was fortunate that I did the Chairperson on the Night was Deputy Mayor Tina Ayyad and after a break to the meeting was called she approached me and asked IF I was late due to the Traffic Chaos and IF I still wanted an opportunity to address the Council Meeting – Of Course I said YES.

After the Council Meeting resumed Deputy Mayor Ayyad  asked the other Councillors present at the meeting IF they would allow me to Speak and after a Vote I was given permission the speak but only after Councillor Tony Hadchiti (Liberal) voted against the motion to allow me to address the meeting “On the Record”, for the 3rd time. Mayor Waller and Councillor Ali Karnib were absent from the meeting.

I commenced my presentation to Liverpool Council with the usual Greeting to the Deputy Mayor (Acting Chairperson), Councillors, CEO, Staff, Residents and Guests and started speaking about the Car Parking Crisis Campaign it wasn’t long before Councillor Tony Hadchiti interrupted by presentation to Council with an Objection after I said words to the effect of “In the time that I was away on Holidays NOT a LOT has happened in relation to the Car Parking Petition”.

Councillor Hadchiti disagreed with my point of view and requested that I WITHDRAW my comment as he said words to the effect that the Premier had come to visit the Liverpool area and that comment was not true.

After some discussion and deliberation between the Councillor Hadchiti, the Deputy Mayor and CEO I was asked to withdraw my comment.

Initially I declined to withdraw my comment as I believed that my comment was true and correct and that as I was interrupted mid sentence and if I was permitted to continue I could clarify my statement.

At that point in time Councillor Mazar Hadid (Liberal) interjected and said words to the effect –Does this mean /  Is He (meaning me) refusing to withdraw his comment?

The Deputy Mayor who was the Chairperson for the first time then insisted that I withdraw my comment and it was made clear that I couldn’t continue my Presentation otherwise.

Reluctantly and UNDER DURESS I withdrew my statement as I felt it was more important to continue the presentation and make my other points to Council in the best interest on The Car Parking Crisis Petition Campaign Supporters and the Local Community rather than have OUR / YOUR VOICES SHUT DOWN.

My Presentation Included

1)    Thanking Liverpool Council for being proactive and providing the Angle Parking Line Marking around Edmondson Park Station including the Mayor, CEO, Council Traffic Department Staff – Charles Waiffe in particular and Prestons Resident Surinder SINGH who proposed the Angle Parking idea and pursued it with vigour.

 2)    That parking Fines are continued to be issued as Transit Police continue to issue infringements around the Stations. The Last blitz was on Friday 24th August 2018.

 3)    That I received a message from SURINDER SINGH 18th June 2018 Hi All, I went to court today to defend my parking fine for "Stop on path/strip in built-up area". The fine of total $257 has been cancelled by the Hon Judge. If anyone got fined for parking on grass please go to court and use my case as example. I can provide you all the documents and letter. Please defend the fine in court. Send me an email on suddil99@gmail.com and I can send you all the documents. Good outcome for all commuters. Thanks to Michael

4)    That I received a message and idea from Petition Suporter CHRIS LANE to help fix the Car Parking Crisis at Edmondson Park and that is to approach the Owners of Prestons Trash and Treasure site on Camden Valley Way which only used on a Sinday to rent the site for Temporary Parking Monday to Friday as its already a large Bitumen are. We could then use the On Demand Buses as regular Shuttle Buses to transport people between the Trash and Treasure parking are to the Station. I also indicated that I felt that $550,000 allocated to investigating the Car Parking Crisis could have better utilised to pursue this idea.

5)    I pointed out that Edmondson Park and Leppington Stations were in the Town Centres of Master Planned Estates and wondered WHY another half a million dollars was required to investigate the Car Parking Crisis.

At the end of my Presentation Councillor Mazar Hadid questioned WHY I was being permitted to speak for 3 or 4 times on the one subject. Discussion around that topic was held between the CEO and Councillors.

Councillor Peter Harle made comments that speakers from the Public should be heard without all the interruptions regardless of whether they are “Michael” or Not. Discussions about that ensued afterwards.

Overall, after a bit of a shaky start, I think things went pretty well – I will be writing to the Mayor and Council regarding comments made at the Council meeting both during my Presentation and afterwards and will send out an update on that.

There is an old Airforce saying that goes “When you start copping flak you know that you are over the target” – Well with the flak that I have started to cop from the Liberal Party Councillors on Liverpool Council it looks as if the Car Parking Crisis Campaign is on target.

Petition Update https://www.change.org/p/increase-commuter-parking-at-edmondson-park-and-leppington-train-stations/u/23215538

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