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52 Ch 9 News Video and Ongoing Commitment

6th September 2018

Channel Nine News reports on the Car Parking Crisis

Nine News report from the 6th September 2018 on the Car Parking Crisis affecting Edmondson Park Station, Leppington Primary School and Leppington Stations as a result of the Petition that I started in March 2018 calling for #MoreParkingNow and which the NSW State (Liberal) Government has ignored since early 2016.

Petition Update https://www.change.org/p/increase-commuter-parking-at-edmondson-park-and-leppington-train-stations/u/23228240


Back in March 2018 when I started the Car Parking Crisis Petition calling for #MoreParkingNow  I thought it would be a Simple and Straightforward matter to sort out and resolve but it's turned into an epic journey that's "Bigger than Ben Hur".

Almost 6 months later here we are with the NSW LIBERAL GOVERNMENT still talking in circles – I guess that’s Politics for you but I am not here to play politics I am here to get results and achieve an outcome.

So,  I will get on and continue to do what needs to be done in order to achieve the  Objective of the Petition which is  “TO OBTAIN A COMMITMENT FROM BOTH THE LABOR AND LIBERAL PARTIES TO BUILD MULTI LEVEL CAR PARKS AT EDMONDSON PARK AND LEPPINGTON STATIONS BEFORE THE NEXT STATE ELECTION IN MARCH 2019.”

I believe that I have been both OPEN and Transparent in my dealings with Petition Supporters and also the various  Members of Parliament, Local Councils and Government Departments affected and involved in this issue and I will continue to be as all the Updates I share to The Car Parking Crisis Petition Supporters are in the Public Domain via Change.Org.

At my Meeting with Minister for Transport Andrew Constance on the 22nd May 2018 he asked me a straight forward question which was – Are you here to Complain (I think the words used were Have a Whinge) OR are you here to provide some Solutions to the Problem?

 I believe that I have been proactive and have been working towards providing a number of solutions plus I have been passing on information and Ideas to the various authorities as I receive them from the Car Parking Crisis Petition Supporters as evidenced in the numerous Updates I have issued.

I believe that I have an Obligation and Responsibility to the 6100 (so far) Residents, Commuters and Supporters who have signed the Petition that I have chosen to represent regarding the Car Parking Crisis.  

I believe the People who have signed the Petition rely on me to have their Voices heard as NOT everyone can make it to the council meetings or spend time dealing with all the petition requirements as they are busy finding parking spots, working while Thousands of you are waiting at the Train stations or are on trains heading back home after work  then trying to get back to your cars parked miles away.

As the Car Parking Crisis an ONGOING and currently UNRESOLVED ISSUE I will doing what needs to be done in order to present Informationt to various Councils, Politicians and Government Authorities over the Next 6 Months as the Window of Opportunity is closing to get a Commitment from Both Major Parties prior to the next State Election.

AND I will need your help and will be asking you to do so. Including a “Michael Speaks for me request” to speak at Council meetings in the future.

ALSO the Car Parking Petition Target is now 10,000 so we can get the issue discussed in Parliament unless the NSW Liberal Government commits to building the Multi Level Car Parks before that happens.

In the meantime help keep focus on the Car Parking cris by sharing posts that prepared earlier https://www.change.org/p/increase-commuter-parking-at-edmondson-park-and-leppington-train-stations/u/23113267

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Yours Sincerely

Michael Andjelkovic JP

Independent Community Campaigner for Greater Liverpool

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