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6 First Article on Car Parking Petition

180312 Liverpool Champion - Article by Madelaine Wong


UPDATE | Edmondson Park commuter-parking crisis

Article by Madelaine Wong

Prestons resident Michael Andjelkovic developed a career helping people to buy land and start a life in booming areas just like Edmondson Park.

But the semi-retired 57-year-old said before more people come to the suburb, serious problems of poorly planned infrastructure need to be addressed by the State Government, specifically the shortage of car spaces at Edmondson Park and Leppington stations.

Last Friday he decided it was time to stop waiting and he put together a petition in a bid to get the Government to act because many residents are being forced to park illegally or to park 20 minutes away from the stations.

And to his delight, by Monday evening he’d already gathered 330 signatures with hopes of getting 5000 signatures all up.

“It’s been bugging me for a while since I saw a story about it in the Champion a few weeks ago. I have an interest in politics and I like to be active in my community so I thought someone’s got to do something about this,” he said.

“Something needs to be done about the poorly planned infrastructure. It’s not what the people deserve. I’ve got to say I only use the station intermittently but I’ve helped a lot of people move into the area over the last 25 years and I want them to get the basic services they deserve. I just want to give back to the community.”

He said it’s been a problem since 2015 and it’s become worse as more people move into the area.

“It’s frustrating when people want to access the rail but they can’t because there are no parking spots. They’re either forced to go to other places or park illegally and pay for it.”

He plans to hand out flyers over the next few weeks to spread more awareness and supporters.

I’m trying to get people power because there needs to be action. The more people behind this, the more hope we have of getting the Government’s attention. We really need a multi-storey carpark at both stations. Michael Andjelkovic, resident

“I handed them out on Monday morning from 6am to 8am. When I checked, there were over 130 people signed already.

“What I’m trying to do is get people power because there needs to be action. I’m hoping the more people get behind this, the more hope we have of getting the Government’s attention. We really need a multi-storey carpark out here at both stations.”

Another point he mentioned was how south-west Sydney’s airport and infrastructure could worsen the situation for commuters.

“If they want to extend the railway to the airport they’re going to need to provide more car spaces for that as well. Not even half the residents are here and it’s already full every morning.

“Liverpool is a growing city with the airport on its way. If people are going to use the airport from our area, how are they going to do that without parking spaces?”

A few weeks ago we published a story about the parking crisis. Macquarie Fields MP Anoulack Chanthivong has been a strong supporter of residents’ concerns.

“Commuters are at their wits’ end. It’s chaos!” he said weeks ago.

“The carpark is full around 7am. Commuters have taken to parking on the footpaths or parking in restricted areas and risking fines. A conga line of cars is parked as far as the eye can see.”

He said the problem had worsened with thousands of people moving in.

“It’s so dire my office has been inundated with complaints and I expect that will only worsen as thousands of new homes are built. We have a commuter car-parking crisis on our doorstep and the Berejiklian Liberal Government continues to ignore commuters’ needs.”

Liverpool Council chief executive Kiersten Fishburn said: “Transport for NSW is responsible for commuter parking at stations. The council is aware of the inadequate car parking at Edmondson Park station and has been making representations to the Minister for Transport for extra parking. The council is also considering extra street parking near the station.”

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