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64 NO Temporary Car Parking Solutions - YET

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Oct 10, 2018 —

Good Evening Commuters, Fellow Residents and Petition Supporters

I wrote to the Minister and Liverpool Council regarding an Idea submitted to me by CHRIS LANE (a Local Resident) to Use the Trash and Treasure site at Prestons as a Temporary Carpark - UNFORTUNATELY while it sounded like a Good Idea at the time it's NOT possible.


Re: Car Parking at Edmondson Park and Leppington stations.

I refer to your email dated 11 September 2018 to the Mayor’s office regarding car parking at Edmondson Park and Leppington stations. The Mayor has requested me to provide you with a response.

I understand that David Smith, Manager Planning & Transport Strategy has contacted you to discuss the planning controls around a commuter car park on the Trash and Treasure site and potential for existing use rights.

A commuter car park is not a permissible land use in the R2 zone. The owner of the site would need to obtain their own legal advice regarding existing use right, but as the site has not been used previously for commuter car parking, it’s doubtful whether existing use rights would apply.

Yours Sincerely

Tim Moore - Director City Economy and Growth AND BACK IN July 2018 I read an article about the possibility of extra 335 Car Spaces at Leppington Station after doing some investigation I found some information on the Camden Council website.


Development Application (DA/2018/694/1) Demolition of existing structures, tree removal, construction of a staged mixed use development containing commercial/retail space, 360 apartments,basement and at grade car parking, road construction, subdivision and associated site works.

The questions I sent the to the Minister were 1) How Long before the DA is approved? 2) How long before work commences? 3) Will the temporary Car Park be constructed at the beginning of the Project or at the End? 4) Any time estimates on Completion?

Is it a real project or is it just a stalling tactic to try and put the Car Parking Crisis in the South Western Suburbs on the back burner?

Irrespective of what is happening with this DA the FACT REMAINS that Overflow Parking at Leppington Station is getting worse and I have already proposed some temporary Solutions using the Land that the Government already owns around Leppington Station. If this site is only at DA Stage it might take years before construction is completed.

HOWEVER THERE IS STILL LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL After speaking with the Planner from Liverpool Council I am just about to send another potential solution to the Minister using land owned by the Government (Landcom) at Edmondson Park. IN the meantime please keep sharing the Online Petition so we can get to 10,000 and hopefully start a discussion in Parliament. I have created a short Url for the Car Parking Crisis Petition www.TinyUrl.com/MoreParkingNow

I look forward to your continued support and that the NSW State Government hurries up and makes a commitment to Building Multi Level Car Parks at Edmondson Park and Leppington Stations Soon.

Yours Sincerely

Michael Andjelkovic JP Independent Community Campaigner for the Greater Liverpool Area

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