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50a Ryde Planning Pause 2GB interview

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

30/08/ 2018 Interview of Interest

Ryde MP secures a "PAUSE" from Development

A senior state government minister is calling for a “mature” debate about population growth, as development ramps up in his electorate.

This is an interview with Alan Jones with Finance Minister Victor Dominello who says his electorate of Ryde is seeing “massive, rampant over-development” on the 29th August 2018.

Ryde has a five-year housing target of 7,600, while Hunters Hill has a goal of 150.

Mr Dominello says it’s “ridiculous”, telling Alan Jones immigration needs to be on the federal government’s agenda.

“ Quite frankly, we’re choking in our own traffic,” he says.


“If we do not have a discussion about population growth, how on earth are we going to build all the infrastructure we need to house these people?”

The state’s finance minister is pushing for a “pause” on development, so his electorate can catch up.

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