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80 One Nation and Labor Back Multi Level Car Parks plus Updates

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Dec 14, 2018 —

Good Morning Fellow Residents, Commuters and Petition Supporters

Greetings from Moree in Northern NSW where I have come to visit the famous Artisian Hot Springs for a week of relaxing and rejuvenation.

After receiving a newsletter from Anne Stanley Federal MP for Werriwa last week I thought that while we are waiting on the replies from the Liberal Ministers to the 5 Paper Petitions regarding The Car Parking Crisis and Now the 2 Paper Petitions regarding Overdevelopment in the area (which impacts on Transport and Infrastructure) I thought I would share a few articles from Mark Latham (One Nation Candidate) and the Local Labor MP's about the Car Parking Issues.

On The 15th November 2018 Mark Latham Kicked off his campaign to run for the Upper House in NSW as Leader of One Nation from Leppington Station. I have had a few discussions with Mr Latham regarding the Car Parking issues since the end of March this year and it was good to see that his presence has put more media attention on the problems that we are facing out here in the South Western Suburbs. If elected he has indicated that he will support calls for Multi Level Car parks in the South Western Suburbs.

Seven News Report 15th November https://www.facebook.com/1443789595662375/posts/2319846674723325/

Sky News Report with Andrew Bolt 15th November discussing Immigration / Congestion / Infrastructure https://www.facebook.com/1443789595662375/posts/2319891914718801/

On the 19th November 2018 Annulock Chanthivong MP for Macquarie Fields posted that funds have been promised by the Labor Party if Elected $18 million for Edmondson Park and $16 Million for Leppington. https://www.facebook.com/719831544759594/posts/1932087623533974/

And on the 20th November Anne Stanley announced that 300 additional Car parking Spots would be made available at Leppington with a $16 Million Labor election Promise. https://www.facebook.com/557758877731148/posts/1086851738155190/

Now the only issue I have with Labor Announcements is that The number of car Parking Spaces to be provided for the funds being made available. 300 spaces is simply not enough and the math doesn't work at $53,000 per Car Parking Space that is a very expensive Car Park.

Lets hope that this is clarified in the New Year. I look forward to receiving the Replies to the Petitions lodged in Parliament from NSW Minister for Transport and Infrastructure (Mr Andrew Constance MP) and hope that they will contain a commitment to build a Multi Level Car Park at Edmondson Park and Leppington Stations however I expect that they will be a standard response along the lines received previously saying that the matter is under still investigation. I expect that the Liberal Party will hold off making any announcement until just before the March Election where they will make a big Song and Dance about the issue hoping to win some extra Votes, or what is know as Pork Barrelling in the Olden days.

I also recently received a reply from Transport for NSW regarding my Suggestion for Edmondson Park from a couple of moths ago - it was a short letter saying Thank You for your Interest your suggestions have been noted.

So I will hopefully have some good news to share with you next week - lets keep our fingers crossed.

Yours Sincerely

Michael Andjelkovic JP Your Independent Community Campaigner for the Greater Liverpool Area

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