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A new year begins and the Campaign for More Parking Continues

John Selakovic

3 years ago

The car park issue is just one of many issues for the local area that have been ignored by the local member and the state government. The recent announcement of new schools for Oran Park and Catherine Fields but ignoring Leppington’s future need as well as the delays in releasing stages 2 and 5 developments in Leppington. It seems like a metaphor for the authorities to ignore the local constituents for the benefit of a few rich developers. The local members need to take note that it’s the local people that have the numbers of votes and ultimately dictate who represents us in government but the developers may have the money but only a handful of votes

Katerina Tsima

3 years ago

A big thank you to you Michael. We have been strangling with the parking issue for years and years now. At the beginning we were driving at Glenfield station to catch the train, no parking of course after 7.15am. When Leppington and Edmondson Park stations opened I had my hopes that things will improve. Nope. Do these people have an idea of how much it costs to go to work on train plus the cost of the bus on demand? We don't want any more Band-Aid solutions. We want parking facilities and reliable trains.

Surinder Singh

3 years ago

Michael, Thanks for doing this for the community. No one is doing anything to help the community. I am not sure if Melaine ever visited this place. Please do something to provide more space for the commuters.

Bottom of Form

Carol O'Donnell

3 years ago

Thank you Michael for all your hard work gathering signatures for more car parking at railway stations in South West Sydney. We the residents can see that there is not enough parking so why does the Government waste tax payers money engaging Consultants, if Politicians asked us what is needed in our suburbs we can inform them at no cost, therefore saving hundreds of thousands of Dollars.

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