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New Health Orders - Clear as Mud

Good Afternoon Residents , Ratepayers and Website Followers

This morning the Premier Gladys Berijiklian announced a new raft to rules for the C19 lock down and South Western Sydney bore the brunt of the new regulations. Unfortunately the new instructions are clear as mud to the general public based on messages that I have received and on comments that I have read on various online community groups.

Below is a link to the full news release and all the different regulations


LIVERPOOL, FAIRFIELD AND BANKSTOWN are in a Hard Lockdown compared to the rest of Sydney

In addition to the stay-at-home rules, residents of Fairfield, Canterbury-Bankstown and Liverpool LGAs cannot leave their LGA for work except for emergency services and healthcare workers (including aged and disability workers). Where those workers do need to leave their LGA for work, they are required to be tested every three days, even if they do not have symptoms;

  • Anyone who leaves the home must have a mask with them at all times. They must be worn when you are working outdoors, in outdoor markets, outdoor shopping strips, and in an outdoor queues waiting for products such as coffee and food; and

  • All carpooling to be stopped unless among members of the same household.

Confusion abounds

JPS writes "So I'm confused. I live and work in the Liverpool LGA so can I still go to work considering I'm staying within the same LGA?? So confused right now. "

BBB writes "Pls I'm trying to bloody understand this new Lockdown... I live in the Liverpool area and work as a Essential in Bankstown what does this mean for me..."

CM sent mea message "Michael Andjelkovic Can you please advise whether garbage collectors, cleaners and building managers of large residential apartment buildings that live in affected areas will be permitted to work outside of their LGA? A significant proportion of those service providers live in affected areas and it will have a flow on impact to densely populated high rise apartment communities across Greater Sydney. With so many people stuck at home and moving through common areas it’s more important than ever that hygiene standards are heightened. The advice is not clear.

There needs to be clarity of communication regarding these latest lot of Lock down regulations.

I am in the process of sending emails to various Members of Parliament from both the Liberal and Labor Parties of regarding the defiition of the updated "Critical" workers. Hopefully I will receive some updates in the Morning. Yours Sincerley Michael Andjelkovic

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