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83 NO Temporary Carpark for Leppington and MORE

Jan 22, 2019 —

Good Afternoon Fellow Residents, Commuters and Petition Supporters BACK IN July 2018 I read an article about the possibility of extra 335 Car Spaces at Leppington Station after doing some investigation I found some information on the Camden Council website. https://planning.camden.nsw.gov.au/Application/ApplicationDetails/010.2018.00000694.001/

Development Application (DA/2018/694/1) Demolition of existing structures, tree removal, construction of a staged mixed use development containing commercial/retail space, 360 apartments,basement and at grade car parking, road construction, subdivision and associated site works.

I sent an email to the Minister asking the following questions 1) How Long before the DA is approved? 2) How long before work commences? 3) Will the temporary Car Park be constructed at the beginning of the Project or at the End? 4) Any time estimates on Completion?

Is it a real project or is it just a stalling tactic to try and put the Car Parking Crisis in the South Western Suburbs on the back burner?

Irrespective of what is happening with this DA the FACT REMAINS that Overflow Parking at Leppington Station is getting worse and I have already proposed some temporary Solutions using the Land that the Government already owns around Leppington Station. If this site is only at DA Stage it might take years before construction is completed.

August update link https://www.change.org/p/increase-commuter-parking-at-edmondson-park-and-leppington-train-stations/u/23092641


Dear Mr Andjelkovic

Thank you for your correspondence to the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure about car parking near Leppington Station. I have been asked to respond to you.

I note your comments and your continued interest in the transport system. I am advised DA/2018/694/1 for 297 Bringelly Road, Leppington, has been submitted by a private landowner. There is no agreement in place between the private landowner and Transport for NSW for temporary commuter car parking. Camden Council is responsible for the review and approval of DA/2018/694/1 for 297 Bringelly Road, Leppington, and therefore best placed to address this enquiry. For further information, you may wish to contact Camden Council directly.

Transport for NSW is aware of the parking issues at Leppington and Edmondson Park stations. Accordingly, the 2018 NSW Budget includes money to investigate options to address this concern for commuters. As part of these investigations, Transport for NSW recently met with Liverpool and Camden councils to gather more information to identify appropriate short, medium and long term options for these stations. These options may include optimising land use in the vicinity, formalising car parking spaces where appropriate, constructing further commuter car parking, expanding “on demand” bus services and adding active travel infrastructure. While these investigations are complex, you may be pleased to know the project team has prioritised this work.

You may wish to may wish to direct further enquiries to the project team via projects@transport.nsw.gov.au or 1800 684 490.

I trust this information is of assistance.

Yours sincerely 19/12/2018 Terry McSweeney Principal Manager, Ministerial & Government Services Customer Relations & Government Services

Coupled with the five Responses to the Hard Copy Paper Petitions from The Minister for Transport and Infrastructure just before Christmas with the message to Catch the Bus, Get on your Bikes or Walk it's becoming less likely that the NSW Liberal Government is going to Commit to provide Multi Level Car Parks at Leppington or Edmondson Park Stations prior to the Election due in March 2019.

What can WE do ? 1) Hold a Protest Rally - Date Place and Time TBA 2) Email Transport for NSW projects@transport.nsw.gov.au IT would be best if we do this ALL on the same Day -TBA 3) Email the Transport Minister once again Lets ALL send an email on the same Day - TBA


TANYA DAVIES MULGOA https://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/la/papers/DBAssets/tabledpaper/PetitionResponse/74694/Govn%20response%20to%20500%2b%20petition%20car%20parking%20at%20Edmondson%20Park%20and%20Leppington%20Railway%20Station%20-%20Davies.pdf

CHRIS PATTERSON CAMDEN https://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/la/papers/DBAssets/tabledpaper/PetitionResponse/74692/Govn%20response%20to%20500%2b%20petition%20car%20parking%20at%20Edmondson%20Park%20and%20Leppington%20Railway%20Station%20-%20Patterson.pdf

ANOULACK CHANTHIVONG MACQUARIE FIELDS https://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/la/papers/DBAssets/tabledpaper/PetitionResponse/74844/Govn%20response%20to%20500%2b%20petition%20re%20multi%20level%20car%20park%20at%20Leppington%20and%20Edmondson%20Park%20stations.pdf

MELANIE GIBBONS HOLSWORTHY https://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/la/papers/DBAssets/tabledpaper/PetitionResponse/74693/Govn%20response%20to%20500%2b%20petition%20carparking%20-%20Gibbons.pdf

PAUL LYNCH LIVERPOOL https://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/la/papers/DBAssets/tabledpaper/PetitionResponse/74691/Govn%20response%20to%20500%2b%20petition%20re%20commuter%20carparking%20at%20Leppington%20Station.pdf


I will have a few more updates and things to share over the next couple of Months - The Final action that we can take will be at the Ballot Box.

Yours Sincerely

Michael Andjelkovic JP Community Campaigner for the Greater Liverpool Area Independent Candidate for Liverpool

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